Smokin' Ladies Cigar Club - Knoxville, Tennessee
Welcome!I created the the Smokin' Ladies Cigar Club website to provide a place to share stories of my travels and cigars. Originally, I had planned to house this "club" in a physical location, but since I travel a lot, I moved it to a virtual environment. Please join me as I share information of great sights, pubs, shops, and just travel in general.
As one who has been enjoying cigars for more than 10 years now, I want to share my love of cigars with others. Follow my blog "Have Cigar Will Travel" and keep track of me as I travel the country (and now the world) to expand the interest in cigars.
If you have a story to share, a cigar you enjoy, or know of a great place to enjoy cigars, let me know and I will share it on this page.
Keep checking back for updates!

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